Your child’s foundation for life starts here. These days, character development - the fortitude to make good decisions, strong work ethic, service to others, personal responsibility - is just as important as rigorous academics.

At St. Max Kolbe, your child gets both and so much more.

Academic Excellence Begins Here

We go beyond STEM programs by offering STEAM - STEM with Art & Design. STEM is based on skills generally using the logic driven left half of the brain. Much research and data shows that activities like Arts, which uses the right side of the brain supports and fosters creativity, which is essential to innovation.


The Benefits of a St. Max Education

St. Max Kolbe School offers a personalized approach to your child’s education process. We create a sense of community and belonging that goes beyond what many education systems are able to provide. We are close to all your loved ones in the heart of Delano, Minnesota and offer bus service to many students.

You may be surprised how affordable we can be.



We offer a small and personalized environment that prepares children for the big things ahead of them.

Our coursework is tailored to your child’s ability today with challenges to achieve more tomorrow.

Our staff is dedicated to growing faith-filled, academically strong, service-oriented leaders.

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Great choices build great students and communities. There’s no downside to checking us out. Ask a parent.

235 South 2nd Street Delano, MN 55328



235 South 2nd Street
Delano, MN, 55328

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