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Take it from our alumni parents:

Friends and family whose children excelled at St. Max convinced us to check it out. We attended kindergarten round-up and spoke with former students and their parents to learn more. We did the same for the public school. Faced with two excellent options in Delano, we decided that St. Max’s small, tight-knit community, strong academic record and daily religion curriculum would be the best fit. If Charlie’s performance is any indication, we made the right choice. At the Delano Public School, he is on the A honor roll; he has been invited to participate in advanced classes; and was named Citizen of the Month shortly after starting. We often say St. Max’s “small” prepared him for the “big” of public school. He developed his confidence and his love of learning with the underpinnings of his faith. We encourage families in our area to, like us, carefully weigh all their options.
Kevin and Liz Otto, parents of Charlie, Class of 2012

We love St. Max Kolbe and the teachers. When Randy and I decided to send Aaron over 12 years ago, we wanted to have God be a part of Aaron's life and for him to discover that God is everywhere, everyday. We also wanted Aaron to experience a sense of belonging and become confident in his faith and beliefs. The smaller classroom sizes gave him a chance to learn and comprehend, and, most of all for Aaron to learn that any action, good or bad, has consequences. We are very proud of Aaron and the well-rounded young man he has become. He truly cares and respects people and is polite beyond measure. Randy and I have gotten many compliments on what a nice young man he has become. We owe many thanks to the teachers of St. Max Kolbe School.
Colleen Klaers, mom to Aaron, Class of 2007

The benefits of a Catholic education are many. Children are taught to live in the image and likeness of God. But small class sizes allow the teachers to know every student and serve their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. Parent involvement is high at St. Max -- a sign of the interest taken in the success of the school and also the care and support for the children. We know we made the right choice in sending our girls to St. Max. Not only was it a great experience for our children, but my husband and I made many friends that we will have forever.
Nancy Ganzel, mom to Hannah and Natalie, Classes of 2008 and 2010

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