At St. Max Kolbe, life is discerned with God’s guidance - everyday

Education in the Catholic faith occurs formally, through daily religion lessons and frequent all-school religion classes, and informally through the school day. Religion coursework, like other curriculum, is developmentally appropriate. Lessons, worksheets and activities are targeted to the age and understanding of the children in the classrooms. At the preschool level, curriculum focuses on God and God’s wonderful world. At the K-6 levels, daily lessons and activities include Christian values of love, respect, trust, peace and personal responsibility.

Preparation for Catholic sacraments, including Penance and Eucharist in second grade, is a critical part of what students learn at all levels. Besides daily prayer and weekly Mass on Friday - living rosaries, adoration, and reconciliation are integrated regularly into student life.

St. Max staff members are dedicated to growing faith-filled, service-oriented leaders, putting religious instruction into action at all grade levels, whether it’s by praying for people’s personal intentions during our Ride for a Reason fundraiser, cleaning City Park, or conducting many service projects throughout the year and during Catholic Schools Week in January.

While St. Max is a Catholic school, students do not have to be Catholic to attend. All denominations are welcome.

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