I am thrilled to be back at St. Max Kolbe working with the preschool children, families, and staff!  I have taught in both public and parochial schools and have found my place back here at St Max Kolbe, where I can easily share God’s love throughout our day.

I have been working in Early Childhood Education for the past 31 years. I have a BA in Early Childhood Development with course certification in Biblical Teaching and Counseling.

Children are so eager to learn at this age and are constantly striving for more knowledge. Through fun, interactive activities the children develop new skills so rapidly…and they have fun while learning!   My goal is for every child to be well prepared, confident and successful as they leave our preschool program and enter kindergarten.

I am honored to partner with parents to build a solid foundation for each child as they begin their educational journey. 





235 South 2nd Street
Delano, MN, 55328

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