Loving our children means actively listening to them.             

            The whirlwind society we live in hinges on words like multi-task, more, and faster.  These concepts are contrary to active listening.  Active listening means to stop and give your full attention to the speaker and their message; not to just hear the words being said.   It involves all of your senses, eye contact, posture, facial expression, a nod…. These non-verbal signs assure your child that what they are saying, feeling, and thinking is important to you.  They know they have value.  They are loved!                              

                                                     “Be still and know that I am here.” 

                                                                                                - The Fray


Week of April 18th – 22nd



Monday – Phy. Ed.

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab Scholastic Book Order Due

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music

Friday – Mass, Adoration, & Music 


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can retell the steps to receiving Holy Communion.

READING:  I can distinguish between realism and fantasy.

WRITING:  I can write a closing sentence.                                     

MATH:  I can find the value of a group of coins. (pennies, nickels, dimes)

GRAMMAR:  I can write interesting sentences using adjectives.

SPELLING:  I can spell “long o” words using the ow vowel team.

God Bless,

Christine Deutsch

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