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2nd Grade
Christine Deutsch
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I am so excited to be preparing for First Eucharist with you!

"It is not to remain in a golden ciborium that He comes down each day from Heaven, but to find another Heaven, the Heaven of our soul in which He takes delight."

-St. Therese of Lisieux


Feb 17

            Our writing skills are advancing!  Students have become comfortable with “Free Writing Time.”  During this time students pull out their writing journals and just write.  There are no other expectations.  Some chose to use a story starter, write about what they are thinking, make a list, write a creative story or an account of real events.  The focus of this free writing time is to just let the words flow from mind to paper.  We do not stop to spell everything correctly or use perfect punctuation.   The children then have an opportunity to sit in the author’s chair and share what they have written.

            This past week we have ventured on to use editing skills on a piece of writing we want to   “publish.”  Students first make corrections of their own and then ask a peer to look for ways to improve the piece as well.  I can’t wait to see how their writing develops from here.

            A question to ask:  “So, what are you writing about in your journal at school?”

Week of February 15th – February 19th



Monday – NO SCHOOL - Presidents’ Day

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab               

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music & Stations of the Cross

Friday – Mass, Adoration & Music


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can explain what a parable is.

READING:  I can find important information in non-fiction text.

MATH:  I can subtract two digit numbers with regrouping.

PHONICS:  I can read and write words that use igh to make the long i sound.

GRAMMAR:  I can find errors in my own writing.

SPELLING:  I can spell two syllable words with short vowel sounds correctly.

God Bless,   Christine Deutsch

Jan 28

Dear Parents,

We have an exciting week ahead!  Please join us in celebrating Catholic Schools’ Week and the faith that is so evident in each of the children here.  A great way to make our celebration known to the parish at large is to have your St. Max School children wear their uniform to Mass this weekend.  Our school is certainly something to be proud of! 

           We will also be celebrating our Catholic Education by share our love of Christ with others in the form of letters written to US Service Members and by making placemats for use at the nursing home and for funeral luncheons.   In addition we will have silly dress up days, which are listed in the schedule below, along with roller skating in Phy. Ed. and performing a talent show on Thursday at 1:30.


Week of February 1st – February 5th  



Monday – PJ/Comfy Day & Phy. Ed.

Tuesday – Crazy Hair/Mismatch Day, Library & Science Lab                                          

Wednesday – Jersey/Hat Day & Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Spirit Day, 1:30 TALENT SHOW, & Music

Friday – Dress Your Best Day, Mass, Adoration, & Music


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can look up a verse in the bible.

READING:  I can use context clues to read and understand an unknown word.

MATH:  I can subtract two digit numbers without regrouping.

PHONICS:  I can choose the correct long o spelling to write a long o word correctly.

GRAMMAR:  I can use verbs correctly in written sentences.

SPELLING:  I can spell words with the soft g sound. Example: gym


Sep 09

*Did you notice a balloon coming home with your second grader today?  

*Did they tell you how we used it in Religion?

*If not, please ask them how the air in their balloon is like their soul (God's presence) in their body.


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