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Christine Deutsch
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I am so excited to be preparing for First Eucharist with you!

"It is not to remain in a golden ciborium that He comes down each day from Heaven, but to find another Heaven, the Heaven of our soul in which He takes delight."

-St. Therese of Lisieux


Apr 08

Hello 2nd Grade Parents,

I have lots of info. to share with you this week.

Friday, Apr. 15th - 2nd Grade School Mass.

The children have their reading parts in their Home Folders.  Please help them prepare with practice, practice, practice at home.  THANKS so MUCH!!!   My heart bursts as I watch the children reverently read the Word and present the gifts.  I can’t fathom how awesome it makes God feel!

Saturday, Apr. 16th - First Communion Parent/Child Retreat, 10 to 12:00 p.m.   

This event will run much like our First Reconciliation Retreat time dedicated to separate parent/child instruction/activities followed by whole group time for logistics and a practice run.   

Sunday, Apr. 24th First Communion Mass, 1:00 p.m.St. Peter’s Church

               11:30 - Individual photos begin (optional)      (photographer - Joe McDonald)

               12:40 – Group photo

                   1:00 – Mass

Please see the enclosed FAMILY PREPARATION PACKET to review with your 1st Communicant.

Also please check your inbox for a “First Communion Questions” email.  I will need a response from each of you to button up a few details.   We are getting there!


Week of April 11th – 15th


Monday – Phy. Ed.

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music

Friday – 2nd Grade Mass, Adoration, Music, & Benediction                    


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can identify when the Consecration happens during Mass.

READING:  I can explain why something happened in a story. (cause/effect)

WRITING:  I can write a topic sentence.                                                                

MATH:  I can locate ordered pairs on a grid.

PHONICS:  I can read and write words with an R-controlled I, ir.

GRAMMAR:  I can describe a noun with adjectives.

SPELLING:  I can spell words using the ow vowel team.                      

God Bless, Christine Deutsch

Apr 01

   Dear Parents,      

              Have you heard?  We have really stepped it up in Reading and Writing.  The children have chosen an animal to research.  They have scoured the school library, our classroom library, and the Internet in search of information that answers their burning questions.  We have studied the layout of a report and the format of an informational paragraph.  We even learned how to use a Thesaurus and are working on paraphrasing.  Notes have been gathered, and paragraphs are now being formed.  It will be a very proud moment when the children are ready to share their hard work with you. 

            On another note, you may have read in the school newsletter that St. Max Kolbe School will be having an accreditation visit this coming Thursday and Friday.   So don’t be alarmed if you notice “strangers” roaming around.  They will be here to delve into St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School to discover exactly who we are; what we believe in; what we do; how we do it, and why we do it. In other words do we (all of the stake holders) live up to our mission and philosophy.   I am confident that our visitors will answer that question with a resounding, “YES!”

Week of April 4th – 8th


Monday – Phy. Ed.

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music

Friday – Mass, Adoration, & Music


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can compare The Last Supper with the MASS.

READING:  I can find and compare information about a topic in multiple texts.

WRITING:  I can write an informational paragraph.

MATH:  I can identify and draw a line of symmetry.

PHONICS:  I can read and write words with an R-controlled E, er.

GRAMMAR:  I can use verbs that tell about something that happened in the past.

SPELLING:  I can spell words using the ou vowel team.

God Bless, Christine Deutsch

Mar 18

Dear Parents, 

     When we return from spring break our second graders will be just 4 weeks away from receiving Jesus in the body and blood of the Eucharist. 

There is no greater gift.

     As parents we have the opportunity and obligation as believers to pass on our knowledge and share our faith experiences with our children.  In order to do this in the most meaningful and effective way, please consider taking the time to focus on what the Eucharist means to you. 

Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • Do you think about the sins that are darkening your heart during Mass when Father asks us to acknowledge our sins?
  • Are you in conversation with God asking forgiveness as we say or sing, “Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy?”
  • Are you truly present during the consecration?
  • Do you believe that your soul is actually nourished by the Grace of Jesus as you receive communion?
  • Does it affect your life? 
  • Do you feel energized and filled with the desire to love others when you step out of church after Mass?

     Now enrich your child’s faith.  Let them be a witness to you praying, reading the Bible, and participating at Mass.  Lead by example.  Then go a step further.  Share experiences when you have felt closest to God.  Even when you have felt far from Him and how you came back to Him.  Talk about the parts of the Mass above and explain what you experience during those moments.  Ask your child to share their thoughts and feelings as well.  As they learn from us we also learn and grow closer to God through them.   How blessed are we?.

Week of March 28th – April 1st


Monday – No School – EASTER MONDAY

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music

Friday – Mass, Adoration, & Music


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can explain when Jesus told us to celebrate Mass.

READING:  I can write a complete paragraph.

MATH:  I can draw a figure congruent to one shown.

PHONICS:  I can identify the or sound and label it in a syllable.

GRAMMAR:  I can write sentences with helping verb.  (have come, has run)

SPELLING:  I can use the oo spelling to spell words like book and stood.

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