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I am so excited to be preparing for First Eucharist with you!

"It is not to remain in a golden ciborium that He comes down each day from Heaven, but to find another Heaven, the Heaven of our soul in which He takes delight."

-St. Therese of Lisieux


Mar 04

     "Empowering Parents" is a piece I will add to our newsleytter every now and then.  It contains bits of information aimed at encouraging you as parents during this stage of your child's growth.



Loving our children means making them go to bed on time!

Children need much more sleep than their adult counterparts.  They take in enormous amounts of new information daily and need a FULL nights sleep for their brains to process and store what they have learned.  Experts state that children from ages 7-12 need on average 10-11 hours of sleep every night.  So tuck them in and watch their brains grow!

A Good Read:  Sleepless in America, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka


Week of March 7th - March 11th


Monday - Phy. Ed.

Tuesday - Library, Science Lab, & CONFERENCES

Wednesday - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Workshop

Thursday - Music, Stations of the Cross, & CONFERENCES

Friday - Mass, Adoration, & Music


CONTENT - I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can understand that Jesus is my way to Heaven.

READING:  I can find information about a topic by reading non-fiction text.

MATH:  I can make a table to solve a problem.

PHONICS:  I can recognize that the sound of a vowel changes when followed by an R.

GRAMMER:  I can use verbs that tell about now.

SPELLING:  I can use different ways to spell the long/open U sound correctly.

Mar 01

Good Afternoon,

Unfortunately, I did not send home the Home Spelling Projects with the students today.  It will go home tomorrow.  Here are this weeks words, so you can practice tonight.
afternoon         build
smooth           almost
foolproof          none
broom             everywhere
moose            work site
loose              St. Patrick


Feb 25

            Conferences are coming soon.  Please take a moment to visit to sign up.   I’m looking forward to seeing you and hearing what is on your mind and heart regarding your child.   

               You may have heard that we have been taking some tests on the computer this past week.  Our school took the NWEA MAP tests.  I am using this as a measure of our second graders as a class to get a picture of where our strengths lie and what we should focus on as we go into the third trimester.   We will not be sending home individual testing scores.  A preliminary look at our class results affirmed my analysis of this group of children.  Their hard work and excitement for learning have them on and often beyond pace for their age.

Week of February 29th – March 4th



Monday – Phy. Ed.

Tuesday – Library & Science Lab               

Wednesday – Phy. Ed.

Thursday – Music & Stations of the Cross

Friday – Mass, Adoration, & Music


CONTENT – I Can Statements

RELIGION:  I can pray in many different ways.

READING:  I can write a paragraph with a main topic and supporting details.

MATH:  I can solve chain operations involving addition and subtraction.

PHONICS:  I can use long a, e, i, & o common spellings to spell words correctly.

GRAMMAR:  I can identify nouns in a sentence.

SPELLING:  I can spell words using the vowel team oo correctly.

God Bless, Christine Deutsch

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