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6th Grade Newsletter

April Christian Value: Patience


"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."



As we enter our 3rd trimester of learning at St. Max Kolbe School, the 6th grade class is embarking on a learning strategy that is truly one of my favorites: Project Based Learning. With project-based learning, students develop a deep knowledge of a skill or concept through the exploration of real-world problems and challenges. Each week, this is exampled in our LabLearner Science Lab where students are given real-life challenges involving collaborative experimentation, investigation, and problem solving. Additionally, the upcoming Science Fair and our previously created Liturgical Calendars (currently on display) are also great exemplars of this effective learning strategy in action at St. Max!

The current project-based learning activity features Geometry, and challenges the 6th graders to apply previously learned mathematical skills and concepts to plan, design, and create an individual "Geometrocity" (a unique 2D/3D city of math). Many of the math concepts used for this project have real-world applications, including architecture, engineering, and design. As of one of the final phases of our process, we will create "tourism postcards" inviting younger students and parents to view our Geometrocities. We will then display our creations in the hallway! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results!!



Monday – Physical Education

Tuesday – Library

Wednesday – Physical Education

Thursday – Music, Band

Friday – Adoration, Benediction, Music, Band Lesson



RELIGION: Prophets Challenge the People

MATH: Geometry – Polygons, Geometrocity

READING: Shades of Meaning

  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Figurative Language
  • Denotation/Connotation

WRITING:  5-Paragraph Argumentative Essay

GRAMMAR: Independent & Dependent Clauses

SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 9 – US/Dakota War of 1862

SCIENCE: Properties of Compounds – Investigation #1

TECHNOLOGY: Google Docs Tips and Applications 



The 6th grade Science Fair will take place in the school gymnasium at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, April 19th.  Students have been given their physical science/ engineering instructional materials and should be in the process of completing this project.  

Please allow your child to work as independently as possible to complete this project. This is truly the best way you can prepare them for their academic futures. In addition to science concepts, this project also helps student become independent, critical thinkers through planning, developing, creating, and prioritizing. Don’t let your child lose out on these important life skills!



Our Eagle Bluff environmental field trip is May 9-11 (Monday-Wednesday). Information will be sent home soon! 


God’s Blessings,

Sherry Carroll

St. Maximilian Kolbe School is a Catholic community where all members are dedicated to the total development of each child, thus providing the foundation for a Spirit-filled and sacramental life. 

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