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6th Grade Newsletter

April Christian Value: Kindness

Week of April 18th - April 22nd  

Dear Parents,

         The 6th graders have been hard at work completing their Geometrocities. During this unit, the students have been learning a variety of geometrical terms and concepts from both linear and 3D perspectives. Our primary focus this past week has been transforming (2D) linear nets into (3D) geometrical solids. I have truly enjoying watching how each student adds his or her personal creative touch to these projects. As we close finalize our projects this week, the students will create “tourism postcards” inviting St. Max students and parents to visit their cities. This event will be held on Wednesday, April 27, from 2:00-2:25 PM in the school science lab. Keep an eye out for your personalized invitation!


RELIGION: “The Prophets Speak to the People"

MATH: Geometrocity – Phases IV and VII

READING: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

  • Vocab Skills
  • Cloze Reading
  • Comprehension

GRAMMAR: Cumulative Language Review

SOCIAL STUDIES: WWI (Minnesota Perspective)

SCIENCE: Properties of Compounds – pH

TECHNOLOGY: Global Climate Change Research/

   Google Docs Project



As with the past two fairs I’ve worked with this class on, I cannot say enough about the incredible and impressive results! Each of the students represented our school in a very knowledge and respectful fashion. The tri-fold boards looked amazing, and best of all – the students successfully executed the scientific process! This is project-based learning at its best!! This past Thursday, the students presented their individual experiments to the class with confidence and poise. I’m so proud of these kiddos!


We are running out of time to find a required fourth male chaperone for Eagle Bluff. In order to join us, all chaperones need to be VIRTUS certified, and must also have a background check completed. Please let me know ASAP if you know of an adult male who can join us. 


God’s Blessings,

Mrs. Carroll

235 South 2nd Street
Delano, MN, 55328

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