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Sherry Carroll
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"Walk with your feet on Earth, but your heart be in heaven." 

-St. John Bosco


Dec 04

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December Christian Value: Kindness

Week of November 30th - December 4th 

Dear Parents,

            We have been hard this past week at work finishing two major projects: our trimester Dodecahedron and our Dakota Indian inspired Parfleche Bags. The students did fantastic work on both projects, which are current being displayed in our hallway. After noticing the students struggle with solving story problems, I decided to incorporate a mini unit on story problem strategies this week. To keep our learning fresh, students will be given a story problem challenge each morning to solve.

Language Arts finds us reading and analyzing “The Gift of the Magi.” In Grammar, the students are improving their writing skills by creating complex sentences using both independent and dependent clauses.

Perhaps the most excitement comes from Science, where I have 14 engineers planning their roller coaster designs. It’s a fun time to be a 6th grader at St. Max!


Cribbage Anyone?

Father Nathan has asked that the 6th graders learn the game of Cribbage in preparation for a goodwill event at the Senior Center on January 20th. We are currently learning the basics of Cribbage and the students are LOVING it! Some are even hinting toward asking  for a Cribbage board for Christmas. Hint… hint!

I would love to hear students share stories of Cribbage tournaments from home!

Monday – Phys. Ed. & STEM

Tuesday – Music & STEM

Wednesday – Phys. Ed. & STEM

Thursday – Library & STEM

Friday – Mass, Music, & STEM



RELIGION: Advent; St. John Neumann, Jacob, Esau, Joseph

MATH: Story Problem Strategies

READING: “The Gift of the Magi” (annotated, unabridged)

    • Character and Theme Analysis
    • Close Reading
    • Figurative Language

GRAMMAR:  Independent & Dependent Clauses

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Chapter 4 – Early Ojibwe; Parfleche Bags

SCIENCE:   Engineering Challenge: Build a Roller Coaster 

God’s Blessings,

Mrs. Carroll

235 South 2nd Street
Delano, MN, 55328

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