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Preparing Our Students - and Their Families - For Life

Take it from our parents:

St Max School is such a warm and loving place for our children to attend school.  Having switched from the public school, they were welcomed and felt like a part of the family from the first moment, as have we as parents.  The academics are challenging, the life lessons are meaningful, and the connection between their faith and everyday life is growing stronger by the day!  Who wouldn’t want that for their child?  

- Jason and Marissa Winter, parents of Payton and Brady, Classes of 2021, and 2024


We were new to town and new to school. St. Max made our family feel welcome and ensured that our son was able to thrive academically,  socially,  and spiritually.  

- Stina and Chad Koppes, parents of James, Class of 2022


We moved to Delano and enrolled our kindergartner and pre-schooler in St. Max. In Delano, we knew we had two very good choices for education for our kiddos-the public school, or St. Max's. We had many discussions about what route we would take, and ultimately St. Max offered a community and education in line with our values. Of course our family values a good education, but above that, we wanted our kids to know God. St Max has exceeded our expectations in both areas. In one year, our kids have flourished academically, but it's even more rewarding watching them grow into good, kind kids. The teachers and staff at St. Max are extremely dedicated to creating a community where children see the value in others and act accordingly. We are so happy that we chose St. Max! 

-Derek and Calley Roers, parents of Grady and Brecken, Classes of 2025 and 2026


Friends and family whose children excelled at St. Max convinced us to check it out. We attended kindergarten round-up and spoke with former students and their parents to learn more. We did the same for the public school. Faced with two excellent options in Delano, we decided that St. Max’s small, tight-knit community, strong academic record and daily religion curriculum would be the best fit. If Charlie’s performance is any indication, we made the right choice. At the Delano Public School, he is on the A honor roll; he has been invited to participate in advanced classes; and was named Citizen of the Month shortly after starting. We often say St. Max’s “small” prepared him for the “big” of public school. He developed his confidence and his love of learning with the underpinnings of his faith. We encourage families in our area to, like us, carefully weigh all their options.
– Kevin and Liz Otto, parents of Charlie, Class of 2012



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