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Suzanne Yager

1st Grade




Suzanne Yager

The Catholic school is where I share my faith and walk in the comfort and challenge of others who are walking with me. 

I treasure my students’ stories, seeing their work, and watching them grow as learners of the world and practitioners of their faith. We work particularly hard in first grade, with the writing portfolio demonstrating the growth of each first grader. They begin the year by going into a room void of any alphabet strip. They have 15 minutes to write the alphabet. Some students write it with ease. Others hum the ABC song and laboriously print a letter and begin the song again. By the end of the year, all of the students are writing descriptive and informational paragraphs. It's exhilarating to see their growth, and I'm charmed by what captures their attention at this point in their lives.

Few pleasures in life rival the satisfaction of watching a first grader nestled on the carpet with a good book. We begin the year with simple picture books. By the end of the year, the children are giggling over the antics of "Frog and Toad".

I enjoy reading, gardening, art and spending time with my family, including my husband and son, who graduated from St. Max in 2013.