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"The real gift of our school—other than the opportunity to practice the faith daily—is the small class size and individual instruction. Students have a chance to reflect, speak, and be heard, amidst the clamor of multiple and competing messages from the greater world."
- Suzanne Salonek-Yager, St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School first grade teacher and parent to a 2013 graduate

Your Child's Foundation for Life

At St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School, we believe academic excellence is equally as important as character development—instilling in our students the fortitude to make good decisions, strong work ethic and service to others. When you choose us, you get both, and so much more.

Our academic program, which is fully accredited by the Minnesota Non-public School Accreditation Association, includes the same subjects as the Delano Public School (reading, math, science, etc.), but also includes religion and service. While St. Max is a Catholic school, students do not have to be Catholic to attend. All denominations are welcome.

Class sizes in pre-K and Kindergarten are capped at 20 students; grades 1-7 are capped at 21 students. Coursework is tailored to each student’s ability today with challenges to achieve more tomorrow. Lessons and activities include Christian values of love, respect, trust, peace and personal responsibility. Older and younger students interact often for multi-age teaching and positive role-modeling.

1-to-1 Technology, Specialists, Services

We currently provide a Google Chromebook for every student; fifth and sixth graders use their Chromebooks both at school and at home. This 1-to-1 technology program allows our teachers to address different learning styles and interests of each student, teach a life-skill, and utilize a new way for students to demonstrate comprehension. Students benefit from the integration of rich content in their lessons and opportunities to collaborate with their peers and create and share their content with the world.

To ensure a complete education for students, St. Max employs specialists for physical education and music. Teacher aides and volunteers help to ensure every child is allowed to learn, grow and develop at their own pace. If St. Max students require special services, such as speech therapy, they are eligible for any and all supplementary educational and recreational services and programs offered through ISD #879 (Delano Public Schools).

Future Scholars, Leaders, Citizens

The education St. Max students receive during their formative, elementary school years prepares them to continue to excel academically in the Delano Public School system. 

Recent graduates have been in the top five of their class and achieved merit scholar honors. Alumni are frequently leaders in middle and high school, serving as sports captains/team leaders; first chairs in band and honor band/choir participants; Citizens of the Month; and members of Youth as Resources, and the National Honor Society.

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For more information about each grade's classroom objectives and highlights, or to schedule a tour, contact Principal Mary Ziebell (, 763-972-2528).


Faithful Beginnings Preschool at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School is a high quality, faith-based preschool which offers both full and half-day options. Children at this age learn at such a rapid rate, thus our teaching staff support and challenge each child to grow to their full potential.  Our high quality, Kindergarten-readiness curriculum supports math, language, social, physical, and emotional development. Classroom activities include a focus on God and God's wonderful world, and supports children as individuals who learn at their own pace. Our focus is inclusive of all Christian faiths at this young age, as we introduce the basics in faith formation.  Students develop their social and academic skills in a fun, hands-on environment. Special learning oppotunities for our 4/5-year olds include: Music sessions, gym, library, and outdoor playground.  A monthly “Big Buddies” activity with St. Max 4th - 6th graders is a highlight for the students.

Our goal is for every child to enter Kindergarten confident and ready to successfully conquer the new journey ahead!

Full and Half-Day Options, Affordable Tuition

Our 2020-2021 schedule is:

3 year olds

  • M/W HALF-DAY from 8:15 – 11:30 a.m. 
  • M/W/F HALF-DAY from 8:15 – 11:30 a.m. 

4/5 year olds

  • M/W/F HALF-DAY from 8:15-11:30 a.m.
  • M/W/F FULL-DAY from 8:15a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Tuition: 2021-2022 Rates

  • 2 Half-Days - $1190
  • 3 Half-Days - $1785
  • 3 Full Day - $2860

Learn more

Contact our principal (, 763-972-2528) to request information or schedule a classroom visit and tour.

K-6 Registration

Because of the great interest in our programs, and our limited space, we will again be doing a priorty registration for classes for the 2021-2022 school year. Registration forms are available in both the St. Max Parish office and the School office. 

All registrations will be gathered from January 11 through January 22, 2021 and then ordered by the priority listing noted below. We will then go by date and time of registration. Registration will be considered complete when forms and registration fees are turned into the St. Max School office. In the event your child is placed on a waiting list, your registration fee will be returned to you.

Registrations received between January 11 and January 22, 2021 for students entering grades K-6 will follow this priority order:

  • Current students
  • Siblings of current students
  • Parishioners
  • Parishioners from other Catholic churches
  • Children and siblings of alumni
  • All other interested families

Annual Tuition Rates

1st Child: $4200

2nd Child: $4000

3rd Child: $3800

4th Child $3600

Tuition assistance is available for families with documented financial need. Please reach out to Principal Mary Zibell for more information: 763-972-2520, 


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