Grades 1-6

Classical liberal arts education is founded on the belief that education should seek a higher purpose. Success is measured by the type of young men and women we graduate. Faith, wisdom, fortitude, and humility are all characteristics of St. Max students.

Here you will find descriptions of St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School curriculum for grades 1-6. To dig deeper into what our Kindergarten and preschool students are learning, check out their pages.


St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School’s religion program stresses the development of Catholic values and attitudes focusing on Catholic traditions and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Students receive instruction in the tenants of the faith and are supported and challenged to develop a Catholic value system: actualizing their beliefs and values in their daily lives and service projects. The students leave equipped with the truth of the Gospel to embrace today’s culture. The religion curriculum uses the text Virtues in Practice and Faith and Life by Ignatius Press.

Language Arts - Reading - Literature

Classical liberal arts education places a strong emphasis on proper and effective use of language in both the spoken and written forms.

Reading in grades one through six is a literature-based program in which phonics is emphasized. Students build strong vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Students receive regular instruction in, and opportunities for, creative and informative writing. Communication skills of writing, grammar, spelling, speaking, and handwriting are stressed in each grade. Language Arts texts: Shurley Grammar, Writing Our Catholic Faith by Universal Publishing, VoWac Phonics and Spelling (grades K-3), Reading Streets (grades K-2), Great Books and classical novels (grades 3-6).


The study of mathematics instills in our students a sense of wonder and awe at the way in which the world displays order, pattern, and relation. The courses stress the fundamentals of math concepts with small group work and individual tutoring when the need arises. Mathematics text: Saxon Math (classes are taught one level up)


Our science program nurtures the student's curiosity about the world around them. It creates careful observers that see the beauty around them while coming to an understanding of how things work.

We have a full working science lab furnished with research grade equipment that includes a sustainable garden that is cared for by the students. Every year, our sixth grade students participate in an environmental science program lasting several days. The program is located off campus and includes staying overnight at the environmental camp. Text: Lab Learner Science.

History - Social Studies

History study in classical education begins with the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The focus then turns to the history of Western Civilization. The classes receive instruction in history and geography of the United States and the world. Textbook: Catholic Textbook Project (4-6th grades), Social Studies by Houghton Mifflin, and Northern Lights (Minnesota History) by Minnesota Historical Society.

Technology - Computers

Our computer program offers students hands-on instruction. Emphasis is on integration of computers and technology within the curriculum areas to facilitate learning with an emphasis on developing problem solving, research skills, curriculum enrichment, keyboarding, and word processing skills (including database, PowerPoint and PC applications). Cyber safety and responsibility is taught throughout the grades. Google Chromebooks augment instruction throughout the school. We currently provide a Chromebook for every student. Fifth and Sixth grade students use their Chromebooks both at school and at home. Grades K-4 use them throughout the day within the school. Our one-to-one technology program allows our teachers to address different learning styles and interests of the students, teach life skills, and utilize a new way for students to demonstrate what they have learned. Students learn to conduct research and present their findings. Students benefit from the integration of rich content in their lessons, and opportunities to collaborate with their peers and create and share their work. Each classroom is equipped with Clevertouch Interactive Boards to enhance student learning.

Physical Education

Physical education is a very important part of the development of all students. Students in Kindergarten through sixth grade have physical education class twice a week. Students are expected to work to develop good attitudes, appropriate skills, and an acceptable level of sportsmanship while engaging in physical activities.


The study of art at St. Max focuses on both art appreciation and rendering in different media. The study of art and the practice of rendering works of art is used to train students to attend to detail, and to study shape and proportion. Students look at art as true beauty. All students receive regular opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects and mediums throughout the year.


Students in Kindergarten through sixth grade attend music classes twice a week. The students learn music fundamentals and participate in the Veteran’s Day program and an Advent Concert. Students in Kindergarten through sixth grade perform a Spring program as well. Students in third through sixth grade may join our afterschool choir and perform special pieces for the Christmas program and several band concerts.


Band is offered to students in fourth through sixth grade. Students receive small group lessons and participate in full band rehearsals each week. The band performs in several concerts each year.

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