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New Families

Welcome to St. Max Kolbe School

Here you will find answers to many questions you may have.

New Family FAQ

What are the school hours?
St. Max Kolbe students are in session each day from 8:15am to 2:30pm. Arrivals may begin no earlier than 7:50am [unless you are part of the extended day program.]

What if my child is sick and will not be attending school?
Please contact the school office at 763-972-2528 to inform the school that your child will be absent or tardy. If your child is arriving after 8:15am, he or she must sign in at the office. A parent/guardian must pick up a child and sign him/her out at the office if the student leaves school early.

What is the St. Max Kolbe School web site?
www.stmaxkolbeschool.org is always a great starting point for information! Teacher and administrator emails are available as well as teacher blogs, school calendar, lunch menus, and other important information!

What is the school uniform?
The full uniform policy can be found at Essentials – Parents - Dress Code. You can buy uniform shirts, pants, shorts, jumpers, and sweatshirts at Educational Outfitters in St. Louis Park. Students can wear shorts only during the months of May, June and September. No shorts are allowed on Mass days for students in any grade.

I do not live in Delano. What options do I have for bus transportation?
If you live in an area not serviced by busing, you are responsible for transportation of your child to/from school. Arrivals are not permitted prior to 7:50am. Should your child require our extended day services, please contact the school office at 763-972-2528 for detailed information.

Where does the car pool line form?
Students can be dropped off in the morning no earlier than 7:50am at the playground door (#10). Students exit the car from the driver side of the car.

The after-school car pool line may begin to form by 2:30pm, sometimes earlier. The afternoon pickup line forms in the parking lot using the playground door (#10) for student exit. Students get into cars on the driver’s side. 

What is the lunch program?
Hot lunch is offered, but your child may bring a cold lunch if they prefer. Lunch and milk can be purchased in the lunchroom through the child’s lunch account. The St. Max Kolbe lunch program is managed by the Delano Public Schools. Students lunch accounts can be filled by dropping off a check at school made out to St. Max Kolbe School. The menu is available online here.

Is there a school directory?
Yes! A directory will be available once school is in session. It is usually available a few weeks into the school year.


Are sports and extracurricular activities available for my child to participate in at school?
Sports information will be distributed throughout the year.

Where can I get information about classroom activities?
Each teacher has the opportunity to share classroom information with their own newsletter. 

What is the laptop and tablet curriculum?
Students within specific grade levels will use Chromebooks as specified by each teacher's curriculum.

How do I communicate with my children during the day?
If you need to get a note to your child or their teacher during the school day, it is best to call the office and leave a message.

When do I need to register my child for the next school year?
Registration will begin in January. Current families will have information sent directly to them, new families are asked to attend an Open House or contact the school to get information and be put on the mailing list. It is very important to fill out the registration forms completely every year. It is especially important to include sibling information so we can plan for future school enrollment.

When is Spring Break?
The full calendar is available here. Our spring break is one week and follows the Delano School District calendar.

Are there any concerts or plays during the year?
St. Max Kolbe loves the arts and holds concerts each year. Concert dates can be found on the school calendar.

Can I volunteer to help at school?
Yes! We welcome and encourage volunteers. We have numerous volunteer opportunities available. Archdiocesan policy requires background checks, VIRTUS training, and a signed Archdiocesan Volunteer Code of Conduct for all volunteers at St. Max Kolbe School

Where do I get a volunteer badge to wear while I am at school?
When you enter the school, go directly to the office to sign in. After signing in you will be given “Volunteer” badge. This badge will need to be worn while you are in the school.

Can I attend weekly Mass?
Yes! Parents and guests are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend the weekly all school Masses held each Friday morning at 8:30am. 

What safety precautions are taken at school?
All school doors are locked throughout the schoolday. All visitors to the school will need to be buzzed in and are required to sign in at the office. The school practices fire drills, tornado drills, and lock downs per district requirements. At this time, due to COVID restrictions, St. Max does not allow outside guests into the building during the school day.

What is the dress code for school pictures?
Individual pictures (October): No uniform is necessary.

If I'm not on the School Advisory Committee (SAC) can I attend the meetings?
Yes! The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is open to everyone. Regularly scheduled meetings with meeting locations are published on the school calendar.

If you have more questions. Please contact us at principal@stmaxkolbeschool.org.

Contact Information

St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School
235 South 2nd Street
Delano, MN, 55328
Phone: 763-972-2528

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