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Dress Code


Dress Code

The St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic School uniform policy is designed to reinforce the Christian virtues of modesty, self-respect, and respect for others as unique, beloved children of God. All students are required to wear the St. Max School uniform. The school uniform will enhance the student’s sense of belonging, foster dignified behavior, and reduce distractions for better academic performance. 

Students must be dressed neat and tidy:  shirts must be tucked in (unless the banded shirt is worn), clothing must be clean and in good repair.

Classroom teachers and staff will enforce the uniform policy.  If a student is out of uniform, a note will be sent home.

***The only exception to the dress code will be made for a child due to health reasons.

School approved uniforms can be purchased through:

Educational Outfitters
6003 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416. 

Girls and Boys:

  • Green logoed polo shirt - short or long sleeved (purchased from Educational Outfitters)
  • Green turtle neck shirt for under sweatshirt or jumper
  • Navy uniform slacks (dark stitching only) in twill or corduroy (grades K-5)
  • Khaki slacks (grades 5-7) no tight-fitting, yoga pants, or leggings
  • Navy walking shorts (Sept. and Oct., April-June) (grades K-5)
  • Khaki walking shorts (Sept. and Oct., April-June) (grades K-5)
  • Navy cardigan or V-nack sweater with logo (purchased from Educational Outfitters) (grades K-6)
  • Navy logoed 1/4 - zip pull-over (worn with a collared shirt underneath) (purchased from Educational Outfitters) (grade 7)
  • Plain navy, black,or white socks only


Girls only:

  • School plaid jumper 
  • School plaid skirt (grade 7)
  • White Peter-Pan collared plain front shirt for under jumpers
  • Navy leggings can be worn under jumpers (Nov. through March only)


General Instructions:

  • Logoed shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jumpers can be ordered through Educational Outfitters
  • All shirts must be collared, and tucked in unless they are the banded green polos
  • Belts are optional
  • No cargo pants, skinny pants, tight-fitting pants, or yoga pants
  • Clothing must be clean and in good repair
  • Shoes: No sandals or high heeled shoes - closed toed shoes only; no "UGG" style or outdoor boots for indoor wearing.  Shoes must be mainly black, navy, or white.  No light-up or sound-producing shoes.
  • Tennis/athletic shoes must be worn on P.E. days.
  • Jewelry:  No jewelry except the following:  a simple religious medal or cross on a necklace, a single pair of dime-sized or smaller earrings.
  • Hair:  Hair must be neat and well-groomed.  Hair color must be natural.  Hairstyle should be moderate.
  • Make-up and other body enhancements:  No make-up may be worn.  Permanent tattos are not permissible on any visible area of the body.  Body piercings and other styles of markings are not permitted.



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