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How To Order


How To Place An Order

There are two ways to place a Scrip order

1. You can use the paper Scrip order form. You can either pay by cash or check. If paying by check, attach a check in the amount of your order payable to St. Max School, and forward to the School office before the order deadline.

2. Order online at www.ShopWithScrip.com to place an online order. You must use the St. Max Kolbe School Enrollment Code: 6B94623D38131. When ordering online you have two payment options: Complete and print the order online, attach a check and turn in to the office or pay electronically with PrestoPay (this is an electronic deduction from your checking account).

NOTE: Regardless of how you order, we ask that each family create an account prior to ordering.

  1. Go to www.ShopWithScrip.com
  2. Click on ‘Create Account’ in the green family sign up box.
  3. Fill in all required personal information and click ‘I Accept.’
  4. Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers.
  5. Enter our enrollment code. 6B94623D38131 by entering this code, your account will be associated with our school so we can begin earning rebates!

If you have further questions please contact mary at 763-972-2528 or email at spsscrip@gmail.com.

Download Scrip Order Form

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